Back to School for Your Car Too!

Back to School Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

Although it may still feel like summer time outside, back-to-school time is right around the corner. August is always a busy month for parents and kids. Parents are trying to squeeze in last minute vacations and the kids are wanting to play with their friends all day! One item that is not usually on the top of the to-do list when heading back to school is your vehicle maintenance. Whether you’re attending high school, heading back to college or you’re the chauffeur for your family, your vehicle is going to need a little TLC before heading back to school and work!

Oil Change

Can’t remember the date of your last oil change? Then it might be a good idea to go ahead and set up another one. Dirty motor oil is so loaded with carbon and other contaminants it will begin to form sludgy carbon deposits on internal engine assemblies and moving parts. Clean motor oil and changes at regular intervals are your single best tool when it comes to keeping your car on the road for a long time.

Belts, Hoses and Filters

It might seem minor, but a blown hose or a failed serpentine belt can stop you cold. Your air filter, on the other hand, can compromise fuel economy and performance if left too long. Back-to-school is a good time to go ahead and inspect the belt and hoses, and it’s easy enough to just replace that air filter and cabin filter while the hood’s up.

Electrical Checkup

Weather extremes put a lot of stress on your car’s battery. It’s a good idea to have the battery’s reserve starting power checked along with the alternator. In addition, we can check the battery cables’ connections and clean any corrosion or deposits which might be building up around the cables and posts.

Make sure to schedule a service appointment with one of our certified technicians that will be able to service your vehicle and get you back on the road! Doing routine maintenance on your vehicle will not only ensure your safety on the road, but it will also prolong the life of your vehicle!

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